• On the front page, click shop now
  • Select products of your choice 
  • On each product you select, follow these instructions carefully
  •  From a selected product, go to Choose an option, this tells you on what quantity you want.
  • Below, you will see a small box, here you need to select how many quantity above you need, is it 1,2,3,4 or more 
  • Add to cart 
  • That’s all for choosing a product, if you are to choose as many products, you will have to repeat the same procedure.
  • When all that is done, go to your cart basket, it is located at the top left hand side
  • Proceed to check out 
  • Fill in the billing details
  • Click place order 
  • From here, you will receive a notification a your provided email you used in the billing details about the confirmation of your order and payment details of your preferred payment method. 
Minimum order amount is $100.00