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What is mushroom tea?

Mushroom tea is an infusion made by steeping mushrooms or mushroom powder in water. It can be made from different mushrooms and in different ways. Mushroom teas are made by infusing dried mushrooms in hot water or dissolving a mushroom powder in water or other tea. Mushrooms are popular in traditional medicines where they are used for treating cancers, promoting mental health including relieving stress and anxiety and improving digestion. Some mushrooms are considered adaptogenic and may help naturally relieve different types of stress. These mushrooms are maitake (Grifola frondosa), shiitake (Lentinula edodes), and reishi (Ganoderma lucidum).

Today, some mushroom powders are added to herbal tea blends and are available even in tea bags.

Caffeine Level

Pure mushroom tea contains zero caffeine. However, mushroom powders are sometimes added to coffee or tea. Some mushrooms may help naturally boost energy levels and when blended into caffeinated drinks they may offer a more powerful energy boosting cup. If you are making an infusion of mushrooms and real tea, such as green tea or black tea, or if you are adding mushroom powder to your coffee, then your cup of tea or coffee will contain caffeine.

What does mushroom tea taste like?

Just like mushrooms used for cooking, mushroom tea can have different flavors. Some mushrooms have a stronger flavor, while some may be flavorless. Some may taste more meaty, some may have an earthy flavor, such as chaga mushroom, and some may be slightly bitter. For example, Lion’s mane is more delicate than chaga, and even slightly sweet compared to a slightly bitter chaga tea flavor. Maitake is slightly woody and spicy, similar to reishi mushroom, but sweeter.

Potential Health Benefits of Drinking

Drinking mushroom tea may provide many health benefits. The most typical health benefits related to medicinal mushrooms are boosting immune system, improving mental health including age-related diseases and relieving stress and anxiety, and aiding digestion.

Studies showed that lion’s mane may provide anti- hyperglycemic properties and may be beneficial for treating diabetes. Furthermore, it may help protect the liver, brain and provide anti-aging and anti-fatigue activity. On the other hand, chaga mushroom may prove to be valuable in cancer treatments, may help boost immune system, fight inflammations and protect the liver.

what mushroom tea is good for, mushroom tea benefits, legal mushroom tea, mushroom tea Canada, mushroom tea powder, reishi mushroom tea, USA, 


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